Types of Training

Hi Everyone - I was wondering what are the different types of training you have participated in and how you felt about the training?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Melisa

Forex is an ongoing education always something new
crops up everyday.

If you are asking where is the best place to start?,
I would go here.

School of Pipsology - - Beginner’s Guide to Forex Trading, Free Forex Education, Learn to Trade Forex, Forex Training - BabyPips.com

Then come back & ask more questions there is always
somebody here to help.


do the Private forum at $129/month.

So michael what would I get for $129/month from there, that
I can’t get for free elsewhere on the 'net? :slight_smile:

I actually joined the James16 group for a month. In my opinion it is a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY. All the information they post there can be found for free somewhere else on the web. Yeah, maybe it’s nice to have the forum there to help/support you… however you can get that same feedback from the free forums both here on babypips and at forexfactory.

IMHO it really depends on what type of person are you.
Personally I have read some books from the university’s library and that’s quite a good start. Babypips’s school was cool too ( i just loove the exam q’s at the end ). However after some time you just need to sit in front of the monitor and try to figure out what is going on and how to trade on your own. Some feel that fundamental analisis will do for their entries/exits, some will swear on techincal. Once you will have read “enough” you will find out that most books are “out of date” or they have just “the basics”.
I guess that subscribing to some online group is usefull mostly because you have some sort of “moral” support during your hard times and there are people that make you keep going. However if you are one of those people who need to make the mistake to laern it, no matter what , and no matter how many times you have been told not to do, than , again sit in front of the monitor and make as many mistakes as you can. It is good psycological training too:)
P.S. : don’t take it too personally, but realize that there are no shortcuts, and therefore subscribing to some group or reading 1 book will not make you rich overnight…the real “training” is to survive on your own, and that’s the best school too.

Take a deep breath Melisa and dont pay for anything much to start with! I agree with Daydreamer and Disaster broadly. I have a diploma in tech analysis and I can tell you babypips school is one of the best summaries I have come across. From there let your natural curiosity lead you to books that take those aspects and expand on them. Demo accounts and charting packages are free so take plenty of time experimenting with them. Although I dont trade the Cowabunga system I have followed it live and I think it is an excellent place to start to get used to putting trades on. Try and find a local traders group where you can begin to get to know who is genuine and worthwhile in this business. It seems to me there is an inverse relationship to the amount you pay for something and its worth! Just a few ideas to go on