U.S. citizens Hedging in other countries?

howdy Y’all, are there any U.S. citizens with experience trading literally/physically outside of the U.S.? I’m specifically wondering if U.S. citizens are only barred from HEDGING within the physical U.S.? it seems like it would be based on either where your residence/banking is or where your Broker is based? I use OANDA which I’m told allows hedging, but i cant do it in the U.S. – i guess I’m wondering if the law applies once I step outside physical U.S. since my Broker is in England and otherwise apparently allows it? It’s not like the IRS could tell after the fact how i earned by money by hedging in another country on their servers, haha? so it must be that OANDA simply bans U.S. citizens from hedging at all, no matter where they are?

sorry if this post is in a bad spot, I’ll change it if somebody will reference me to where it should go