U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen Hold Ground Amid Drop in Market Sentiment

The dollar and yen eased from late NY and into early Asia after the strong gains Wednesday in both currencies. The correction did not gain strong momentum though, as fears of a renewed slowdown in the global economy continued and weighed on sentiment. The fall in U.S. yields on Wednesday mirrored those concerns and JGB 2-year yields hit the lowest levels in 3 and 1/2 years on growth concerns. Asian stocks were mixed and commodities such as gold and oil bounced slightly, but still retained most of the losses seen Wednesday after the CRB index hit the lowest levels since early May. EUR-USD opened in Tokyo around 1.3860 after bouncing off 1.3833 lows in NY, and rallied to 1.3915 before losing momentum. GBP-USD which opened around 1.6030 after bouncing off 1.5985 in NY, rallied to highs of 1.6109 before stalling. USD-JPY, attracting fix demand and importer buying, rallied from 92.38 to highs of 93.51, after bouncing off 91.81 NY lows on Wednesday. No reaction was seen in USD-JPY to a Japanese government spokesman’s warning over excessive currency moves.