U30 Scalping EA

Who wants to help me forward test this EA that i just finished? it has phenominal backtest results over past year


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Hello, I would like to test your Expert Advisor. Please send me the download link if possible.

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I can email it or priv message the link. And it will tell you.l Which parameters to touch and which to leave alone. This has the best results on US 30 but also Nas100 performs well. Still have to play around with settings for it too do well in ger30 and japn

Hi there, would also like to forward test, pm please :slight_smile:

Please send over this way too :slight_smile:
I don’t suppose you also have the MT4 version do you?

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Yes it is on mt4. where can i send?

okayy! where to send?

i have figured some new setting in the paramters. i will update soon. als try and use a broker that has a spread with 2.5 points or less if possible. and each lot sizing is relative too

Hello. I would like to test the EA send it here berniekgk21@gmail

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ok i will update you this weekennd

Ok Brother

Can anybody share some results from this EA?

Theres no results yet buddy. that is the point of this. i just finished making the EA and i need help acquiring results and data. so we are about to start testting

Ok then. Would be good to share some results here when you have such.

Sorry for late response. I have been offline doing rigorous testing with a small group for the past… how ever long it’s been since I last posted. LOL. But none the less results are looking pretty good and has already has successfully passed funded account challenges.

I will post some results

Hello can you send me ea so i can backtest it ? I like trading us30

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Some Live time results are in to show! This most recent trading on this month so far has been amazing!

Check this video playlistbif you wanna see it actively trading and results! Let me know what you think


I have posted some results

I would like to test your EA. Please send it to me.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there , Testing is now finished. see the youtube video i posted. This EA will now be accessible via a PAMM acct i have started.