UK brokers for spread betting

Hey Everyone

I was wondering if anyone had any experiences with UK brokers that offer spread betting. Would be great to hear you stories, good and bad!

I would open demo accounts with three big firms. Rate their platforms and test their customer service levels. There could be some quite individual preferences that will help make your decision.

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very good suggestion from tommor, above, of course

brief additional thoughts, if relevant to you: Avatrade is the one that (notoriously) isn’t FCA-regulated so you might perhaps want to give that one a miss?

Oanda has TradingView available (they call it “advanced charting,” it’s a free white-label version), which is very good

Pepperstone has cTrader available, which is very good

That is good. Which platform do you prefer? I used MT4 and MT5 and found them reliable.

I’ve had a browse and have opened an account with Spreadex

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good luck - take it easy!

(sounds good to me: they’re FCA-regulated and have TradingView :sunglasses: )

I double checked that they were FCA regulated before I opened an account. And you can also place small trades (bets), which is something I wanted.

To start with I’ve just credited my account with £50. My idea is to check the charts on a Sunday to find some trend set ups form market opening.

Well, that turned out to be an epic fail.

Although there isn’t a minimum deposit amount you can’t actually bet on micro lots so my £50 balance is not enough to open any positions!

What a total waste of time. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Are you going to deposit some more money?

No, I’m going to try and find another broker that allows smaller bids/trades.

I was planning on putting in limit orders to open 3 positions this morning but can’t open any as they want a minimum balance of between £90 to £300 for each trade.

I understand that. My broker requires margin for example of about £45 per £1 per pip on GBP/USD, plus at least that much again uncommitted in the account.

both platforms are more appropriate for trading , you can choose anyone , from my first day of trading i have been using MT4 and still going good with them.

I’ve been doing some ISA share investments through Trading 212 and I do also have a CFD account with them that does allow me to open the smaller trades I want, but I wanted to trade using a Spread Betting account. is also FCA-regulated and has spreadbetting from £0.10 per point/pip - maybe worth a look?

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