UK GDP Prints Higher For Sixth Consecutive Quarter

Fundamentals continue to favor the UK economy with an upbeat GDP printing supporting the longest pound rally in more then a year. Looking to next week traders await readings on the British housing market and M4 money supply.

[B][U]UK[/U][/B][B][U] Fundamentals:[/U]
[B]Next 24 Hours: (7/22)[/B]

[B] Rightmove House Prices (MoM) (MAY)[/B]
Survey: 0.8%
Previous: 0.7%

[B]Rightmove House Prices (YoY) (MAY)[/B]
Survey: 11.2%
Previous: 13.2%

[B]Last 24 Hours:[/B]

[B] GDP (QoQ) (2QA)
Actual: 0.8%
Previous: 0.7%

[B]GDP (YoY) (2QA)
Actual: 3.0%
Previous: 3.0%

[B]Index of Services[/B]
Actual: 0.9%
Previous: 1.0%

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