UK Retail Sales Growth Rate Falls to 8-year Low

Stricken with an outbreak of the foot-and-mouth disease the British economy was also dealt a blow with poor retail sales data yesterday.

Sales growth in the world?s second largest economy cooled to it?s lowest pace in eight years as interest rates begin to take their course. Also, with inflation still above the BoE?s 2 percent ceiling, fundamental traders will be fixed on the release of the central bank?s quarterly inflation report.
[B]Next 48 Hours:

Bank of England Quarterly Inflation Report[/B]
[B]Visible Trade Balance (GBP/Mn) (JUN)
[/B]Survey: -6500
Prior: -6291
[B]Trade Balance Non EU (GBP/Mn) (JUN)[/B]
Survey: -3650
Prior: -3481
[B]Total Trade Balance (GBP/Mn) (JUN)[/B]
Survey: -3650
Prior: -3481

[B]Last 24 Hours:

Industrial Production (MoM) (JUN)
[/B]Actual: 0.1%
Prior: 0.6%

[B]Industrial Production (YoY) (JUN)
[/B]Actual: 0.8%
Prior: 0.5%

[B]Manufacturing Production (MoM) (JUN)
[/B]Actual: 0.2%
Prior: 0.4%

[B]Manufacturing Production (YoY) (JUN)[/B]
Actual: 0.9%
Prior: 1.0%

[B]NIESER GDP Estimate (JUL)
[/B]Actual: n/a
Prior: 0.7%

[B]BRC July Retail Sales Monitor[/B]

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