Uk tax -CFDs - ltd co or self assessment

I’m now making consistent profits on my trading and looking to scale up what I do.

Looking ahead to potential tax if I only trade CFDs in the UK does anyone know if there are any tax benefits of trading through a ltd co or is it better just to complete annual self assessment and pay capital gains?

Cheers in advance

the best answer is to use spread-betting. No tax, no reporting, no paperwork, no self-assessments, no accountants, no tax reviews, no impact on your tax code if you have other income.

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Thanks for the reply can you trade the same indices in the same way as CFD trading?

Yes, the mechanisms of the various platforms and the range of markets available are exactly the same. Likewise the charts, TA, indicators, etc. all just the same.

A nice thing is that SB is regulated by the FCA in exactly the same manner as a CFD broker or stockbroker, so you run no higher risk of fraud or mismanagement of funds.

Thanks- really helpful. I use IG and they offer spread betting.

Seems so odd that you can effectively do the same thing and one you pay no tax and the other way you do. Really odd.

Thanks so much I didn’t know this before

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Yeah if in the UK use a broker that allows you to spread bet. If you insist on sticking to CFDs speak to a tax accountant.

Tommor, Do the spreadbetting firms you know of run Mt4 platforms for SB?

Yes, as far as I’ve seen.