"Ultra Modified Smart martingale" which can get you "MILLIONs" when used correctly

Recently i found a martingale ea over the internet. i found some drawbacks which makes it too fail at some point. it took more than 100 hours where the ea is failing at different aspects which i filled those aspects up to some limit. still it fails at a point.
to make it risk free its better to withdraw the profit for 3 days continuously every time. so that your deposit will be back in few weeks. the back tests for the ea are
usdjpy- 25-30%
these are the returns in 3-4 months.
if you run this ea for 1 week definitely it you will get around 10% profit.
it survived pandemic news, brexit news, and many more.
make sure that this must be turned off on Monday and friday bcz there is a gaps in markets in those time…
if you find some other bugs in this ea or fails in the ea kindly make a notice i will try to modify it…
thank you.
happy testing then deployeing and earning.

can any one say to me how to upload files here?

What’s the max drawdown?
What % does it risk per trade?

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its about 4-5 % sometimes
still have to test

its martingale based ea with simple fail proof system. which opens orders smartly.

if you want to test it give me your mail i will send it to you.

Or maybe, you could show us how it works by posting your trades here? :smiley: :slight_smile: I think people would have a better grasp of this EA then. :blush:

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this is the data for forward test of 7 pairs on the system in the span of 4 days