Unable to place my first order

As shown in the screenshot I cannot seem to place my first ever order on MT4. Pulldowns for Currency Pair and Type of Trade are greyed out and empty (no selection available), even after I enter all other parameters such as lot numbers, SL and TP etc. BUY/SELL buttons are grey too. Fund is there 10,000USD for the Demo Account so shortage of fund is not the issue. I’ve already contacted helpdesk but without answer. Can someone help me with this? (same issue with my LIVE account)

I have not used MT4 in quite some time, but are you logged in using the MT4 account number provided by your broker? When you open an account with your broker it should come with an MT4 account number, provided your broker supports this platform…

Hello! Yes , IG has given me account number with which I am logged into MT4.


I had to activate the currency pairs that end with .FX via “View”_“Symbols” and press “show” (make icon for each of these listed pairs yellow)

thank you for help

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Well, I wasn’t very helpful, lol. But I’m happy you’ve figured it out.

Happy trading.