Unconventional ways you've found to relax

Nap time is awesome!! Why does nap time end in preschool?

Wanna improve employee retention? Add nap time.
Look how at peace they are!!

I live on a side road, and often my neighbours are noisy. But late at night, or early in the morning, I like to walk in the street and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I enjoy having the entire street to myself. I can be outside and not see a single person.

I personally like to go for walks or do something around the house. It gets my mind off of things.

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That’s a good way to relax, but I prefer to listen to classical music, take deep breaths for relaxation, or sometimes read books or poems

I play tennis to unwind and recharge my batteries.

I walk, as it is one of my ways to relax.

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Try Massage if near beach go for a walk any other is x-rate can’t speak on but try listner to music that help