Unconventional ways you've found to relax

everyone how you doing?( read it as joey asked) LOL

What are some unconventional ways you’ve found to relax and unwind after a long day of trading?

Yard work. No thinking, just doing.

I watch football match; and should resume my tennis training soon.

Computer games. Ironically a game that heightens stress levels, like ARMA3, leaves me feeling more relaxed when I come off the screen. I’m not sure how that works.

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You get some dopamine hits, your adrenaline spikes, energy is high…then when the game stops, all that brain activity comes to a screeching halt, leaving your brain exhausted. Just a guess.

Like running hard for an hour, then stopping. Maybe I’m wrong. What do you think?

ohhhhhhhrreally pleased me that you like flowers coz I also have lots of flowers in my apartment.
But when I broke up my BF took them all. HEART BREAKING MOMENT. They were my kids.

I dont like running. I am doing workouts TRX. book worm, read books. also trying to learn French. into dancing and parties.

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I am not good at gaming. I used to play mortal combat.

Hello Eleanor!
I dance; dancing is the best way to forget everything.
On weekends, analyze your trades and go for a dance!
P.S.: I dance based on my mood; if you had a good and profitable trading experience, then dance like those rappers! If not, easily dance like Rose in Titanic!
Best Luck/

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I really like football i used to watch matches. now I am always at work. I like Paulo Dybala
and CR7. :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heart_eyes:

I tried that back in the day. It was a poor game with vicious violence and unpleasant undertones.

Try Mini Metro for a nice break in the afternoon.

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hello margaret.
Yes when I dance I forget that I was crying the last minute. Just music speaks to me

I have not heard about that I will check that.

thanks Eleanor for asking. how are you ?
to me it is just music and football

i think it is not just for me but all people can get relax from walking and running
if you lose some trade go and walk in a park
if you do not feel good go and run
i can remember it was in our books too and is not just for me

Not unconventional but going out to eat :sweat_smile:

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thanks fine.
i am into football too.
my favorite one is Dybala

:joy: :joy: :joy:
it depends on what you eat mention here i will tell you it is unconventional or not?!

As I have backache can not go for a walk or run.
go and have fun :grin:

usually take a little nap and then bounce out after a full day of learnin bout forex