Understanding price action 5 minutes analysis Bob volman

dear team I have been using his methods for more than a year hope i could find like-minded people.

In this method, Volman strips down the ever-confusing market mechanics to its marrow by showing his readers the ingredients of sound trading techniques and how to cook them in such a way that they could avoid getting burnt by the market.

Unlike other trading books, there is something strikingly clean about the way he explained the elementary concepts of trading while maintaining the poetic nature of written expression.

The first part of his book, the theoretical part, has got to be (hands down) the best price action analysis I have ever read. You could tell Volman isn’t just some professional trader writing about trading but also a writer whose words originate from the soul. I’m a big fan, seriously. I have a huge crush on whoever this Bob Volman guy is.

Anyways, in the second part of the book, he has provided hundreds of pages of example trades using the core principles he introduced in the first part, for the readers to find their footing in every kind of market situation. By the time I was done reading the book, I was completely transformed into a different kind of trader. Imagine what it could do to me if I read it three more times!

It always makes me happy to read books that breathe quality on every page.
This book took my breath away.

Easily the best book about trading. It’s gonna be hard to top it.


Thank you for starting this thread. I’ve just gotten the book and will be able to share my views once done reading it.

However from what you have mentioned and what I can gather from other online reviews, this could be a life changing book for any scalper trader.

I’m very excited to discect and digest everything this book has to offer.

Meanwhile could you please share a little more about your experience about his method and how much did it transform your trading?

I cannot explain the way this book changed my trading .this book provides a proper system for trading, but he holds nothing back . I have stopped having the victim mentality when stopped out of a trade. you will come to know what exactly a good trade and a bad one.
in his first book, he uses a 70-tick chart for the scalping purpose, since I’m not a big fan of scalping.
i use his second method of understanding price action .
5 minutes eurusd chart is the medium of education, in his book he will teach you to read the price action from the naked chart and explains ever-confusing market psychology from absolute basic only with luxuries of a 25 ema indicator.
the method does not limit you to the instrument or time frame, once you understand the road your trading wont to be the same.
"markets are not forgiving to those who take their education lightly or deem themselves above it and highly rewarding to those who work hard "words of bob.
this is not a one-time read nor easy read, read - read and read and implement it in your trading.
hope this book will help you.

Your feedback is very uplifting mate. I have read first couple of chapters so far and what I can tell as of now is, the concept of his book is really great. More emphasis on understanding PA and market structure, learning to be patient and waiting for the perfect setup (which of course is not guaranteed to succeed) but still you feel much more in control than a novice trader jumping from one bias to another in a matter of minutes.

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