Unpopular opinion

read this opinion somewhere: Risk management is overrated
What are your two cents on this one? I could kindda relate to it since focusing too much on risk management can limit potential gains.


Errrrmm, I gotta say. That’s the most stupid thing I’ve read in a while. No offence.

Risk management is a tool used to protect your account whilst maximising profits. If you think risk management it’s limiting your gains, your using it wrong and you need to learn how to use it correctly.


Non taken, That was odd for me too and the only way I could relate to it was what I said.


i’m with Pauley - i think it’s very stupid

not focusing primarily on risk-management will prevent any long-term gains at all

trading is inherently a risk-management business

it’s also a difficult business: people whose primary focus is profitability have NO long-term chance in this game unless and until they re-educate themselves (some do; many don’t) enough to have a really fundamental shift in attitude so that risk-management becomes their primary focus instead - without starting from that position, there are going to be no long-term profits available


Respectfully, I disagree. Risk management is essential to protect your capital and maintain long-term success in trading. It’s about finding a balance between risk and reward for sustainable gains.


it is my answer from member spotlight

8. What would be your advice for the members of BabyPips.com community?

If you want to be a profitable long term trader. Grow these 5 elements:

  • Build and test strategies
  • Develop yourself, gain knowledge
  • Manage your capital properly
  • Adapt your trading strategies to the changing market
  • Reduce the influence of emotions to a minimum.

I also have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you have to master each of these elements. Imagine these 5 elements form a chain. If one element is weak, e.g. money management, even the best strategy will not help you, sooner or later you will wipe your account.

The good news is that it can be learned, it takes time, so the most patient are successful.

Should I add something more?


:ok_hand: i appreciate your input


Well, gotta say I did not say I agree, thanks anyway


patience :weary:


Patience is “build in” in whole process :wink: you can’t achieve these goals in short term


I know but at the same time I like to deny it, you feel me?


I get where you’re coming from. Risk management is important, no doubt. But going overboard with it can sometimes hold you back from maximizing your gains.

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Oof so what do you replace risk management with?


Risk exposure is the only control you have over what the market throws at you, including emotional challenges. How you manage it is at your discretion.Therefore you could be flexible when placing a larger or smaller lot size trade.

However, that’s why managing larger accounts are more protected against consecutive trade losses.


that’s a good question :ok_hand:


Well. Once you come to think risk management is overrated. Or better said, once you start acting according to such idea, the market doesn’t need more than a few minutes to show you are wrong and send you back to the start line
It only takes one time
And probably you won’t see it coming
It could never happen? Yes
But who needs to experiece it?

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Well all interestinh- I scalp using Renko charts 12- 20 points I am out, I always put a stop in a long way from my entry point in case my mt4 crashes or internet- long term traders need a big stop- to me the market is very crazy at present-small proffits are good, guess call compounding-make just $40 a day do not over trade-sounds small but that is say 4 days a week $160 do not sneeze at that, making profit is the game, get out fast if market goes against you, plenty of more trades to be found take care guys and be happy with small earns