Unrealized Profit Mismatch in Forex Demo Account EUR/USD

Can anyone explain the price difference shown between the two Unrealized Profits figures shown in this screenshot below?

Usually all the figures are in sync, but today they were often out of sync, and the close position box flicked between +10 to -500 - which would have forced me to stop out had I set a stop.

I know it’s a demo account but I want to make sure I understand what happened.


Any thoughts? I’ve stopped trading on this platform and I’m looking at switching to another until I understand what happened. I contacted support, but haven’t heard back. If I can’t trust them with fake money, I’m not going to trust them with real money.

Wish I could have showed the flickering of the trade where the Unrealized value in the Amend Position box flickered between +10 and -500.

You say you’ve not heard from them.

That’s Forex.com which is a part of GAIN Capital so there should not be a problem.

Have you attempted to chat with then on their live chat???

Yes. I’m stuck in a loop with the chat bot. Not getting to a real person or able to describe the problem.

Ended up calling and got through to a live person very quickly. Apparently there was a glitch in their web and mobile systems on Monday that caused the problem. It was not present in the desktop version.

Very pleased that they supported a demo account and were honest. Will try the desktop version.

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