Up trend &down trend

i think this is the rule for forex…

"Higher highs and higher lows = up trend while lower lows and lower highs = down trend. "

can anybody show me which is higher highs, higher lows, lower lows and lower highs in a picture…

i’ve googled it, but i didn’t figured yet…

hope this helps.

thanks for the help bro!!

but i’m not clear yet, are you showing me about the shadows?

Yes. Since price is moving up in an uptrend, the shadows should, for the most part, follow suit. Vice versa for downtrends.

how to detect those?

what about the neighbouring candle?

an easier way than trying to explain it might be if you are using mt4 put the zigzag indicator on, it will help show you what higher highs and lower lows are, then put a 55 periods moving average on, it will show you the trend.
As you can see the lows are getting progressivly lower untill the trend bottoms out and the new high to the far right of the image is higher than the previous one started an uptrend, the 55 periods moving average illustrates that trend change too