Update after AUDCHF losses

For those who haven’t seen my AUDCHF disaster:

https://forums.babypips.com/t/bought-audchf-im-desperate/?source_topic_id=275526 https://forums.babypips.com/t/losing-hope-forex-doesnt-seems-legit/?source_topic_id=275526

My only posts. A lot of criticism and sceptisism regarding forex trading (aswell as stocks, bonds, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, etc.), as I labeled it fake, considered it not legit.

At AUDCHF move lost 267€ (if I would have holded my trades I would had make even 100€, but that prediction was bad either way). Was left with 222€ out of 500€.

However, I closed 1-2 min. ago my trades on EURJPY, an aggressive drop, I was on sell.

Is the same account, after the AUDCHF aggressive fall. To see how bad it went, I initially planned to deposit only 90€, without considering to add more. If I lose them, that’s it. But this happened:

I just kept adding 100 x5 times, until I got scared lol.

Anyway, the EURJPY move went fantastic. I closed with 546€ in profit. I had 647€ once but was greedy. It can still fall, but I need to see what I will further do.

Roullete trading is hard enough to not want to do this again. But I tripled and even better my account after all. It would still piss me off to see that I closed them to see it would fall another 25-50 pips (that much left until my TP would have been bitted), but when you grab good profits, just take them.

Thanks for everyone that encouraged me on this forum, and helped to question my doubts, I had tough time trading quite recently.

Also @1odi. He helped me the most. And @tommor that gave some good advices although a bit harsh, but that’s trading.

However, I still have mixed feelings about forex, but is not that rigged as I said. Still, I need to see more. Obviously I won’t make the same mistakes again, at least regarding entry issues, and I try not to risk again my whole account on one move lol.

It’s a good day for me. Planned to close them on Friday (tomorrow), but I was a “little” bit more “spontaneously”, also someone I followed closed them (but I holded them 6 more hours).

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