UPDATED: Scam - Real or scam? BabyPips telegram

Want to find out if this is legitimate, because it seems like an obvious scam

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We don’t have a presence on Telegram, nor do we offer any signal services on ANY platform.

That account is not related to this website or company or authorized to use our logo or name. IT’S A SCAM. If you have the ability the report that account, please do. We’ll do our best to do the same.

Other than our business services related to advertising, we’re currently 100% free!

Thanks again!



That’s pretty crazy. It reminds me of the guy who hacks into the scammer’s computer in India and shows the scammer a picture of the room they’re scamming people from.

It’s funny.

I did have reported all messages and reported profiles on Telegram support, iv also informed our community group to do the same.

Thanks guys!

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can we have link to the channel. is it public

Dang I wonder if they got anyone’s money. I hope not!!!