Uprising of the next forex expert ;-)

Hi my name is Ketty. Totally new to forex. I’m looking forward to aquire the skills that will enable me to work less and earn more and become financially secure. Look after my family and friends and give back to the world.

Welcome. Good long-term objectives, however prepare yourself for months of hard work to acquire the necessary skills NOT TO LOSE MONEY.

There is never any guarantee you’ll make money, ever, as we’d all be millionaires. The reality is that 75% of newbies blow their capital, So forget social media sirens, and focus on education from this site’s courses.

Thank you for the - straight to the point / harsh truth - welcome Steve 369 :sweat_smile:
I know that only my level of commitment, dedication, consistency and hard work in the next months / year, will determine if I’ll be part of the money makers in that field. Game on!!

Yes, that’s the right mindset. Perseverence is necessary, as the FX market doesn’t know you, doeasn’t care about you, and never, ever, gives anything back.

What I do is to follow a set process each trading day; which means always choosing good trades every time that have good probabilities of being profitable, then send out emotional free robots from my army, and let them run.

Cut losing robots early - better to lose small than big. There’s always another trade awaiting.

And keep it simple. Follow a strategy you like, and which suits you and your lifestyle.

Follow this lady and also learn from her. She’s the real deal.

OOooooo thank you so much Steve for all this great advice earlier on :grin::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It will save me a lot of trouble down the road and also has put me in the right mind set for learning how to trade. Let’s goooo!!! Have a fantastic day!

WOW Man! I dunno where you came out from, but I’m a lucky one to have come across this invaluable information right there. Wow
I just finished watching Candice reaction video on - most traders will fail- that’s deep. All new traders should hear and know this before they even start. Anyway, thanks a lot. First things first, I shall follow and complete baby pips school step by step from preschool to graduate and I’ll know then if I got what it take to trade. :wink:

most welcome in this community , have a very good journey , its a very friendly forum we have from all in online.

Hello Ketty. You should learn first to make money from this risky market.

All the best for your bright future.

Welcome to the forex community! You seem to be really excited about starting your career. I wish you all the very best. But at the same time, I would also like to mention that you must not set unrealistic expectations. This is the mantra that will keep you from entering unnecessary trades.