URANUS off to the moon

One of my meme coin sniping candidates. Record time to doubling. Bought this on 18Mar24. Need to sell half today to keep in line with my strategy and plan for the meme coin sniping portfolio.


This went very fast. To date it is a 5X including the funds still remaining in the trade.


That’s a very nice profit! Good job!

Thanks Dushimes, I just made the TP4 withdrawal at $0.00220. total withdrawn 4.5X, little soldier still working in there in case this is a 100X - 0.8X left in the trade. This is the first time I have ever taken four consecutive withdrawals, and I am liking this new strategy. Just love those memes for their honesty. Their “white paper equivalents” actually say they are good for nothing and there for fun. What a twisted world we live in. It has been very hard as an engineer to realize that you can make money from psychology. It is nothing to do with reality. It is to do with the reality of FOMO and the fear and greed index. Imagine it took me 50 years to learn that, and I could have just learned a bit more about psychology to discover that years earlier. :rofl:


I think many never learn it at all.

I’m not even sure how much I’ve learned it myself. I get it on an intellectual level but that’s not necessarily quite the same thing, is it?

I paper traded another 3 meme coins at inception last night. Two I was comfortable with, one I was not. I keep having to remind myself that the objective is to cut and run if you go negative from the outset. It is hard, psychologically. On a practical basis, I created a Phantom wallet and put one SOL in it so I can do more research independent of my remote trading partner. Last year I only had three very successful trades (that I define as > 3X). This month (March), I have had three already, albeit for far less stakes. Early days, but exciting prospects.


I need to be more open minded about this crypto thing. But I’m a bit worried by how steep the learning curve might be!

It is my opinion that 90% of what I needed to know about crypto I already knew from the last 15 years involvement with stock and forex trading (and a few other pursuits like gold, silver, options, running an overseas trading company).

It seems bewildering, just like leveraged Forex trading when one starts. I started in 2020 after a chance conversation with a school friend of my younger son, who was telling me how he had made thousands of pounds in crypto. To my horror on further investigation, I found some of their colleagues had been so attracted to crypto they had blown their student loans on very high leverage on BTC. My initial interest was actually to know how to advise others not to go to such extremes. I saw that as compulsive gambling.

It did not take me long to want to understand much more deeply about crypto, so I read the Bitcoin whitepaper (all 8 pages), and understood it at a high level, but the crypto maths was way over my head, even though as an IT consultant I had managed many infrastructure projects which relied on cybersecurity. This was a level of abstraction way beyond my feelbe brain to contemplate.

I bought some small courses on the internet, particularly about blockchain, and then I was hooked right at the time of the last mania (2020/2021).

About the best thing that happened to me was to see my portfolio tank by over 75% early Jan2022. I vowed I would never let that happen again.

I started preparation for a partial exit in Nov23, and completed that partial exit in Jan24. It has been a lifelong ambition, and I was so happy to achieve it. I withdrew all funds I had ever put into crypto, and still had a residual portfolio somewhat larger than I had when I started mid 2020.

Since then the portfolio has grown another 25% in 2 months. I have four different “crypto plans”, the fourth part currently in testing stage but looking promising.

I can’t even look at conventional Forex any more after my 4 year experience in Crypto. There is no comparison (on a ROIC basis).

I hope you will at least take a look at some of the Youtube videos. My favourite analyst is Raoul Pal, ex Goldman Sachs global bond trader.

check out his channel

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Thank you very much indeed for such a helpful and interesting reply, @Mondeoman .

I’ll certainly have a look around, starting with Raoul Pal, and try to research blockchain.

There is a School of Crypto here. Free.

Great topic title btw @Mondeoman.

Can you share more about your “sniping”. Is that an industry term, or a special skill, or app?

Sure, this idea has been taken up after watching some youtube vids from this guy.