US CPI meeting preview

As we are at the very end of this year, these upcoming last 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks) will have many impacts that will affect the economy. One of the most important factors that will take place is the meeting of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy on Wednesday and the antipasto Friday’s highly anticipated Consumer Price Index (CPI) report from November.

The CPI report in the October reading was 6.2% was a 30-year high and may have motivated Fed Chairman Jerome Powell to make his hawkish pivot to facilitate a more combative taper. Moreover, the expectations for the CPI reading on Friday’s meeting are an expected a rise of 6.8% y/y and CPI 0.7% m/m taking into account supply chain shortages and rising labor costs. If these meet expectations, it will that signify the largest yearly boost in consumer prices since 1982.

To learn more, and to see what pairs and markets will be impacted by this Friday’s meeting, we invite you to read the article written by a senior analyst Matt Weller:

I’d be surprised if it doesn’t exceed 6.8%

At this rate, it very well might be possible.

UK CPI made for grim reading this morning!