US markets down on monday due to 100 billion bond sales?

hi, i was reading that someone (probably russia and others) have sold roughly 100 billion dollars worth of US government bonds. will this send US markets down when markets open monday? what are your views on how big an effect this is going to have?

Learned a long time ago, don’t believe everything you read.

Usd dollar has been raging it may retrace a little but long term target is 1.1300 I doubt it will affect markets that much unless it’s on Bnn or cnn or somthing so far what’s keeping the usd up is the plan to taper what’s keeping price down is the past few reports have not been up to par

The $100bn selloff is confirmed. The Fed itself reported it. The speculative part is how much from Russia and how much from China. However, Monday will most likely be full of volatility because of the Crimea situation. I’m long gold over the weekend and in my view thats the only sure thing in the very near future. I’m expecting a gap up over the weekend. There might be some great fortunes to be made in times like this. But you need to be very careful with your stop losses, and very quick in catching some strong, but short-lived trends.

Let’s see , to be honest I right now the safest place to park your money would be USS , right now gold broke way past through resistance it could either way at this point , I’m looking for a major correction this week at least to 1360-1370 but it could go either way just becarfful may I ask what point did you enter the market ?

thanks for the comments and advice. do you guys think a few months of bad data would be enough to send the us dollar into collapse like some of the youtube videos out there are saying? is there a hierarchy of data, so is employment more important for the usdollar or is government bond rates more important? or chinease growth data? iv only been following the markets since dec and it seems that the next few months are really important, is it always like this or are we in a time of the end of our recent good run and looking into a second recession?

The dollar will climb before it dies.

Gotta cash out before you can convert.

ah so your saying when people are expecting a dollar crash it will actually rise first as people pull their money out of stocks to transfer their money from dollars to gold/foreign money?have i understood that properly?