US-related news, how do they impact on non-US pairs?

Hi guys!

I’ve been trading for about a year with a friend now and we’re still not consistently profitable. We got wrecked many times using our current strategy, which led us to refine it to a point where we no longer get frequent signals, but once we do, they are indeed high probability. But, considering my life situation right now, I’ve managed to miss most winners the last month due to a side job (to pay the bills), but ofc managed to be there to take the losses.

This has led to immense frustration, where the solution I am now working on is simply adding pairs to my watchlist, and scout for my highest probable setups. But when adding pairs, the question naturally raised of how US news, especially the ones with the highest impact (FOMC, non-Fam etc), impacts other pairs that have no or little relation to the USD. For example, lets say that the FOMC news are way below expectations, and a heavy dump is followed on all USD/… pairs. How much will this affect pairs such as EUR/CHF, NZD/CHF, CAD/CHF or EUR/CAD EUR/JPY? Does it vary a lot? I am looking for pairs with a low impact of US news for the simple reason of diversification, and to still be allowed to trade without interruptions form the FEDs!

Thanks for any tips or help guys!