US stock market traders: Which stocks are you currently "accumulating"?

Do you have stocks you’re accumulating in preparation for a post-covid life? Or maybe just technology you’re watching in the coming years?

Things like: airline, hotel companies maybe. Or marijuana companies or 5g related stuff? :open_mouth:

All airlines are at a great discount now

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I’m not in the US or trading US stocks, but I currently invest heavily in a Danish Company called Novo Nordisk. They produce diabetic medications and, well with the expanding population and also the expanding waist lines of that population, I’m hedging I’m onto a long term winner there :joy::joy:


Do you mean like metformin? :open_mouth:

Yeah foreal, with everyone’s current lifestyle (made worse by the pandemic), it’s definitely going to get worse from here.

I’m looking at secular trends such as 5g, autonomous electric vehicles, renewable energy, gaming and esports, agritech for feeding the growing population in the future, etc. I got into $AGFY. Some people think it’s just about marijuana but if you look into what they’re doing I think vertical gardening will help solve much of the future’s issues with food production. As for gaming and esports, Netflix has said that their competitor is not another netflix but it’s gaming and esports. There’s just so much companies that have so much potential.

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An overlooked area in the cannabis space is cannabinoid potency testing.

As more cannabis products are introduced, you’re going to need to know just how much THC and/or CBD is actually in the products.

Most consumers don’t even know “what’s in their weed”. Aside from not knowing the actual dosage of THC or CBD, they also aren’t aware if other harmful compounds are present such as terpenes, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Inconsistent lab results have been an ongoing issue in the cannabis industry. Stricter regulations will happen as more states in the U.S. legalize recreational use and consumer safety is prioritized.

The companies that develop standardized testing protocols and equipment will stand to benefit.

Adding to my watchlist! Thank you for this!