US30 on TradingView

Is there any way at all for US clients to trade US30 through TradingView? I love their charting and their Renko in particular but can’t find any way to trade US30 through them with a broker.

Additionally, even if I were to just use their charting but place the order through a MT4 broker that hasn’t worked for me either since the pricing is so different between TradingView and all the brokers I’ve researched. I’m scalping using their renko charts and it back tests really well but the pricing is critical. That’s why I wanted to trade right through TradingView but I can’t do that and I can’t find a good way to actually place orders at another broker with a similar price

Any ideas or experience on this?

The broker would have to be unregulated to allow an US citizen to trade any of the indices.

The SEC does not allow a US based or regulated broker to let US citizens trade the indices.

I chart using Trading View but trade with FTMO. Which also allows me to trade the indices and stocks.

Thanks. You don’t feel there is too large of a difference between ftmo price levels and TradingView’s charting?

Just depends on what broker you’re using from Trading View. When you search for a pair or instrument it will come up with several of the same but with different brokers.

So the pairs on my tradingview platform are prices from That make sense ? And they’re pretty close to FTMO’s broker