Us30 short position 2022

What do you think ?

Definitely got a setup forming here. I would just watch a possible break to the upside after exit down through the sell zone you have marked, but it’s definitely got big move written all over it. Good find!

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I like,

No way that would be my exact entry but favour lower movement

Price is stalling at present at a key level for me

However, I am awaiting a breakdown lower to permit selling ideas

Out of interest would you require a move up into you sell zone still?

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I have that supply zone marked out too. We are moving back towards it now, getting my shorts ready

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In my opinion, the probability of this scenario happening is over 90% and we will definitely break the 32000 level.

i have just updated Best entry price.

Are you ready guys? ( for market crash )

It is currently weakest against US100 and US500 = Confirmation

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i will kill US MONSTER “DOW JONES”

This sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Be smarter to wait for the crash (if it happens as you’re predicting) then buy on the way back up, because if it doesn’t happen then people will lose a lot.

As traders, we have something called risk and money management that does not allow us to risk more than 3% of capital.
If, according to my analysis, people have entered, they are now in profit and risk free. If you are an investor, you should look for a purchase below 32,000 to 30,000.
You are right if you are a gambler.
Trade what you see not what you hope.
(This is my personal opinion)

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This is so important, thank you for adding that.

Well done. I hope it rains pips for everyone.

I will be buying the dip, for sure.

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MUSK trapped buyers today with his purchase.

+1000 and +700 points
whats your forcast for dow jones?

are baby pips viewers bots or what?

Dow Jones is in a hurry to reach the target.
easy +1000 points
for those who waiting for new ATH :sob:

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dow jones heard my voice and pulled back to last kiss level

dont be afraid crash is coming