US30 strat. Advice or 1 on 1

I saw I discussion on here about how someone scalped us 30. Idk where to find it again. I was going to ask the guy who posted a few questions. Anyone assist in the direction to look

Also I’m looking to scalp us30 im wondering if i can get some advice on strats or a 1 on 1 cause I like to ask questions

Could it be this thread and poster?

Yes thank you

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Yes … The Hardest thing about Forex and my Entire Strategy is Discipline and Patience. If I could go back in time 3 Years and just compound 2% every other day for 3 to 5 Years … We would never have to Work Again. It just takes Extreme Patience. My Mentor Doc Reggie Stinson is the one who made the 2% UOP Forex Compounding Video. I have known and followed him( before Forex ) for over 10 Years.

When I asked him for help that what his advice was Compounding and Patience. I listen to his Video couple times a Month. As a reminder to SLOOW down, Risk Management.

I don’t open multiple US30 trades any more. Really don’t need too. It’s easier to Get in and out and be done.

Scalping Down Jones Journal (US 30 )