USA Naked Trader With A Swag

Hello Traders!

I hale from Michigan, USA and I am a Forex Naked Trader with a Swagg. I trade the H4, Daily, and Weekly charts very successfully without any indicators,
oscillators, EA’s. I also only trade FX spot currency, no Forex Binaries or Forex Futures. The name of the game for me is Price Action.

I’ve been trading for more than 20 years and do so professionally.

I enjoy helping and mentoring other Traders.

I am definitely looking to share and shine the light on this industry.

I hope to benefit from many of you as well be of benefit.

Have a magnificent day on PURPOSE.

Grew up in Ann Arbor and now down in Fort Wayne. While my day job is in medical, I enjoy forex very much. Would be interested in learning more about your mentor program.

<[email protected]>

I trade naked charts myself but I’d like to gather more knowledge so I can sustain a winning formula

Hello FX89. Knowledge is powerful. Looks like you’re moving in the right direction. I invite you to take a look at Trading Journal here on the forum. You’ll find a lot of my Forex Trading systems that I use with video setup and explanation. I’m sure you will be able to benefit from them, especially if you’re a Naked Trader like myself.

Have magnificent day on PURPOSE

I would like to become a professional trader too I need more info on Naked trading I have read the book by walter peters