USD/CAD trade idea

Hey All.

A good long in Usd/Cad is in the works.

Also heads on longs in euro and Eur/Jpy. these looks like a great buy for the coming weeks. Daily charts are looking prime.

Good Luck & Prosper,
The Guru

The usd/cad is looking great as soon as I see movement going north i’ll jump in.

Personal Trade suggestion signal: LONG - usd/cad at 0.9890. This is a trade that “should” last a few days to a few weeks.

I agree. I like to buy a little here. and buy more as/if it goes higher

Yeah… I think people should be a little leery about some random schmo, unaccredited, unidentified, and unverified to be giving trade ideas…

Especially one with such a hocus pocus name

If your all long then im shorting the **** out of it. No hard feelings :stuck_out_tongue:

Longs been “in the works” since 1.0000, what happened? That was 120 pips a go, bias is still short.