I’m new to Forex and have been doing OK.
I’m after some advice on USD/CAD, I bought at 1.35508 and its falling fast!
Shall I sell out now or hold out? Will it recover do you think?


Hey, Steve!

My name is Samuel, Been a full-time trader for about a year now and have also been doing quite well!

Here is my analysis on it this pair (I trade mainly the EURUSD, but I did a quick analysis to give you an idea of 1 way to trade that USDCAD!)

D1 (DAILY) Timeframe analysis

H4 Analysis (My main entry timeframe)

Overall I would definitely look to buy this pair and scalp it on the H4. I don’t think it would reach your price (You should have had an S/L or something that would have taken you out way earlier lol) but you’re still learning so it’s all part of the process!

Again, This is my analysis through my own strategy and Risk/reward.

Hope it helps!


Hope you enjoyed that signal I gave you, it followed through all the way today!