USDCNH for newbie

Is it recommended for newbies to stay away from this pair?

The reason I ask is because it shows trading potential / opportunities, but the spread is huge. About 100pips. Also when looking at placing order for say 1 mini lot, the pip value is only 0,15USD.

When trading this pair would one have to place huge orders to have a good R:R ratio?

100 pips?! Have you been looking at out-of-hours/weekend spreads, or during news announcements, or in obscure places, or something?

Edited to add: at this moment (i.e. during the “Asian session”), it’s about 8 pips on Oanda …

Yes you are right. I were doing some analysis over the weekend and looked at my broker Oanda`s spreads.

This brings me to the question about pip calculations. I have never dealt with CNH. The lot size has to be at least 67700 units to get to a 1 USD per pip value. For myself that trades smaller lots, this means a lot of movement to make some profit as I do not want to increase risk, hence the question should newbies rather stay away from this pair?

Hi Nazzeem,
For a newbie like you and me it will be easy to trade with major pairs with USD, EUR. But if you see a potential In USD/CNH, test it may be it will be profitable for you. I have a friend, that trade only exotics and its work for him.

Thanks for the tip, but I am sure this part that you mentioned

is wrong.

Do you agree?

It depends on your trading style, I suppose: if you’re trading on a long-term basis, perhaps based on fundamentals (of which you have special knowledge/interest because of a background in Chinese economic affairs?), and perhaps holding trades for weeks or months, so that an 8-pip spread is more or less insignificant to the size of your anticipated trade outcomes, then why not trade it?

But I suspect the other 99+% of aspiring traders would probably be well advised to keep away from it, precisely because of the high spreads, and probably for other reasons, too.

There are 28 combinations of “majors” to trade, without needing to get involved with CNH - and even some of those 28 spreads are too high for many people, at around 3-4 pips. The Euro (EUR/USD) and Cable (GBP/USD), for example, have low spreads and very high liquidity. :slight_smile:

The 8 pip spread should not be an issue for anyone. My issue is that large orders / lot sizes have little USD value. To trade the pair and make it worth the effort one will have to substantially increase lot sizes or am I wrong?

The main reasons I were interested in trading USDCNH are:

1.) They have the worlds second largest economy.
2.) They have the worlds largest export market.
3.) Apparently they have the worlds fastest growing economy.
4.) They tend to manipulate the market or do other things to make their currency weak.
5.) The chart looks like this

It would be a [B][U]huge[/U][/B] issue for me: my initial [I]target[/I] is often 8 pips, so I’d have to “win” one trade just to break even, if trading that!

It has 8 times the typical dealing costs of the Euro.

(Just my perspective, doubtless, but the fourth reason you suggest, on your list above, would be another reason for me to want to avoid trading it, myself.)

I get your points yes.