Usdjpy Forex EA Scammer Alert

usdjpy-earobot dot com - Website

He is a Scammer, who gets $350 for EA and will tell you will get all the EA Files and setup with Free VPS…
The EA wont work at any cost… no setup will be there in that EA…
After the Payment he will ask for $150 for Activation…
Then he will ask for $50 for VPS…
Even if you pass all the steps
then he will ask for 50% profit share from your trades.

If you tell him to return your money, he will Block you in telegram and wont show up…
Be Cautious People…

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You are funny, someone sold you “$hit in nice package”, you took it, and now you are anger because of it. This is perfect to example why good EA’s are not worth to advertise and sell.

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yes it is , agree with your condition

At which point during this scenario did you start to suspect he wasn’t always telling you the truth?

When he starts to ask for hidden fees for Activation and vps after paying $350 for the EA.

Depending on how you paid you may have recourse for refund. Did you pay via credit card? If so, contact the credit card provider and give them the details and ask for a full refund. Most of the credit card companies have a form to complete. Same for UK banks. I can’t say the same for any other country you may live in.

I followed a link to buy and it returned the page snipped below. Processed by Coinbase Commerce. Now I don’t think they want any bad press given their size as a Crypto exchange.

Do some due diligence retrospectively and complain to their payment processor. Accept Bitcoin Payments within Minutes | Coinbase Commerce
From their linked Privacy Policy:

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at, or by mailing us at Coinbase Commerce, One Marina Boulevard, #28-00, Singapore 018989.

Thanks Man… for this help… but he is not accepting the Payments through this Portal. We would surely contact for enquiry right… So he is asking to pay through BTC to unknown wallet… This is what happens when we reach him… :pensive:

wow this i a very crazy method he use…i never buy eas on sites…better buy on mql or similar