USDJPY set up ideas and trades

I’m trading the daily chart. I scrolled in to the 1H and can see the support area you’re talking about at 129, but I expect it will continue down. If you’re trading the 1H chart then that’s definitely an area for you to watch.

Here’s the path I predicted it would take last week. I thought it would move up into the blue box, but it couldn’t get past 130.7 area. I would be surprised if we didn’t see new lows:

There’s definitely like a stair step going on.

Moves lower, we get a lower high, a lower low, back to a lower high and a lower low, repeat.

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Are you still in your short?

Shorted at 128.66. Missed the really big move with the rate decision. But it was just too crazy for me that time

After price moved against me, it’s headed back down.

You thinking we break below 128?

Yes, I’m still short. I’ll be holding for a while as I’m anticipating a lower low, unless price comes back up and hits my SL which I’ve moved up into profit. I opened another small position at 128.485 last night, so fingers crossed.

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Must be happy right now I’m hoping!

Nope, price shot way back up. I was taken out of this trade earlier, unfortunately.

Might even hit my original target. Should be good for a short after today’s volatility though.

Oh crap I was jumping around charts and just looked at EURUSD when I replied. My bad! Crazy day this morning with the jobs report.