USDJPY Short Analysis

Lots of USD pairs are at questionable highs. With the market acting crazy, could we see the Dollar to crash, in my opinion I reckon it is due to - but it’s only a matter of time. With the Fed injecting ‘unlimited’ amounts of money into the market, this can only end bad sooner rather than later.

Here I have marked up USDJPY. You can see that price is respecting trend quite well, and price is making it’s way back up to a supply area where price previously crashed around 1000 pips - could we see this happen again?

I’ll be looking to sell around the 112.0 area depending on price action.

Let’s wait and see. Good luck and risk accordingly if you decide to enter.


Thanks for the analysis. I wouldn’t be surprised to see USD crash.

It will crash…

Hopefully it reaches the 112 mark as the USD is about to crash hard. Be keeping an eye to try and ride the wave though for sure

excellently detailed analysis here mate. also, is this the webtrader?

The US can only cover up things for a small while. once this virus takes hold i can see them bring in the army and putting the place under strict conditions as trump will want to show his power.

some crazy movements

I’ve been reading some very mixed opinions on the forecast for the dollar. Most believe it will remain a safe haven for some time yet. I’m holding back on the shorts.