Using an Expert Advisor in the MFF $300K and FTMO $200K Challenge

I am running my EA in both the MFF $300K and the FTMO $200K challenge. Stay tuned


How is it going?
Which EA are you using?

I blew both accounts using too much leverage. I got behind from a slow start and simply could not recover. Trying to optimize, figure out leverage/unit size and targets took me a few days so I got behind my normal trading schedule. I tried to add leverage to make up for lost time and got busted. It happens but no worries…I am optimized and ready for this next round.

Testing is looking great so I am going back in for my second round starting this week. I will post updates

I am using an ea that I had someone code, using my personal strategy.

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Good effort bro. I’d recommend only attempting one challenge at a time. That way if you need to optimise or make changes you dont lose 2 challenges each time. Just saves money.

thanks, ya…expensive lesson…I will get it back though