Using bot for trading?

Have yu guys ever heard about NET89 bot, what do yu think about this bot? Targeting 1% per day EUR/USD

I gather there can be a significant draw down with bots, I guess if a small time developer perfected the perfect bot it would be worth millions.

Don’t take any risks. I haven’t seen or heard anything like it, why do you have these doubts and risks? If you have doubts about your abilities, just try to trade more on a demo and follow the statistics, everything will work out.

I am also surprised by traders who agree to such formats so freely, it’s not trading but a game - it turns out that you do not make your own decisions, but just push buttons? What is it, anyway?

You have to analyze the market yourself, why do you need a robot whose reliability you can’t test, or rather you can - but on your money…!