Using ChatGPT To Build A Trading System

Generate Insane Trading Returns with ChatGPT and TradingView

ChatGPT is the future of trading. Learn how to leverage its power to create profitable strategies and achieve financial freedom. And yes, both this insane trading strategy and this description were generated with ChatGPT.


Can ChatGPT really create a profitable trading strategy?

In this little adventure, I ask ChatGPT to create a trading strategy and its pinescript code to backtest it on TradingView, and together, we optimise it.

It still blows my mind how technology has gone this far. :open_mouth: It’s both amazing and a little bit scary tbh. :sweat_smile: Hahaha. But have you personally tried to create a trading system using ChatGPT or any other AI tool?

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Or are you this Youtuber :open_mouth:

No and no. I’m sitting on the side line, but i have my eyes open for future opportunities

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Same here! :smiley: But have you tried ChatGPT for yourself? :smiley: Like, not necessarily about trading. Haha. I tried asking it to write me an essay and it was scary fast.

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Currently messing around with it, and yes it is fast and scary at the same damn time :rofl: :+1:

AI and Crypto Collide: A New ChatGPT-Powered Bot Will Soon Help Traders

Artificial intelligence could soon be making waves in the cryptocurrency business, though perhaps not in the way you think. Rather than merging the two technologies, San Francisco-based prime broker FalconX plans to put a chatbot in the co-pilot’s seat for investors. Forbes director of research for digital assets Steven Ehrlich joins Brittany Lewis on Forbes Talks to discuss.


I tried asking chatGPT to create me a profitable trading strategy and it gave me some rubbish system.

I asked it to code an ea and I spent ages fixing the syntax errors to test it, knowing full well it wasn’t going to work

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It never ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to avoid the hard work and growth process necessary for success.


People who are successful aren’t part of the heard for a reason


dumb and dumber aplauso

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chatgpt is a lot smarter than it lets on.

the best that i could do was to get it to produce a skeleton “hello world” framework of a trading bot, and it was clumsy even then.

i have asked it some fairly high level questions about some fairly off the wall topics and chatgpt was the smartest person that i have ever chatted.

chatgpt is literally the smartest genius savant on earth.

chatgpt is also the most knowledgeable black hat or white hat hacker on earth because it knows about every exploit and it has the ability to remember everything it has ever read. chatgtp has the ability to analyze circuits that contains billions of circuits and it can find exploits in mere seconds.

i’m gonna make a suggestion… these people that are saying that they have a whizbang trading program that was produced by chatgpt are lying… they are just saying that chatgpt made their bot.

if you had a chatgpt bot that was the grail, would you use it or sell it? my point precisely.

chatgpt directly claims to be unable to predict market movements, so how could it make a profitable trading bot?


i wish i had your learning speed

it’s absolutely astonishing how much you’ve learned, on such a wide range of trading-related subjects, since 3 days ago when you were a complete noob wanting general, beginner’s advice

and how strongly you hold some of your opinions and how forcefully you express some of them with the same wording as other recent come-and-gone members: then again, the fact that we’ve seen several other members just like that, over the last few weeks, means that perhaps we ought to be getting used to it, by now


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i cant remember ever being forceful about anything.

i might seem confident when i express something, but not necessarily forceful.

back to the original topic, the video claims that chatgpt can create a profitable trading bot, but i am suggesting that is not correct.

if chatgpt knows how to beat the financial markets, it will only do that for its owners, and they will end up owning everything and that includes owning you.

the above video shows how to make a boilerplate trading bot that will NEVER produce any consistent profits.

i hope that i was not forceful.

happy trading,



The humans will discover this when they turn ChatGPT into a robot, and it won’t be a good thing