Using cycles for big gains in forex

Is anybody here using cycles? It looks like a very powerful tool:
Trading Opportunities of 2014 - Trader MC

simple S&R breakout strategy in large timeframes, the kind of analysis we all do but most of us never have the patience to trade. (i want 1 million NOW!)

good reminder, thanks


Thanks for this! I use cycles in my analysis but I make up my own rules!

It would be good to have the slides/info on your link explained in a bit more detail: what is a medium-term, long-term cycle, etc. what are the rules?


I use cycles as well. I also use my own rules. I don’t know about any one else, but my rules are for my situation based on what I’m trying to accomplish. I would think its like everything in forex; left to your own definition. I found a pretty good cycle indicator called . . . Cycle identifier if anyone wants to take a look at it, do forex cycle identifier search. I don’t use it anymore, but it was pretty accurate when I did