Using trailing stop on mt4 mobile app

Using the mt4 app with a demo on my mobile phone, all works fine although I can not
Use a trailing stop or find it for that matter. Is it hiding somewhere?

The Android app certainly does not, it’s not all that. It is very good however for monitoring trades or not missing out on upcoming opportunity’s. I cant’s speak of iPhone or windows phone, probably not that different :slight_smile:

Cheers cobber

Does your broker not have their own app?

On my phone, I predominantly use MT4 as it works even with a poor phone signal but if I want to apply a trailing stop, I need to do the stereotypical hanging out of a window while standing on one leg while stretching as high as possible, in order to a decent phone signal. Once I have a 3G signal, I can run my brokers app (Oanda) & from there, I can apply a trailing stop.