VanessaFX Advanced Systems

Compliments of Nick & Vanessa for making it FREE :slight_smile: . I also attached the metatrader indicator that someone on their website wrote which I haven’t tested yet. Actually, I haven’t even read the book yet. To use the idicator unzip the files into the following folder on your PC: and then add it from under custom indicators.

C:\Program FIles\StrategyBuilderFX 4\experts\indicators

Is anyone using this? If so how are you doing?


VanessaFX_Advanced_Systems.pdf (651 KB) (1.93 KB)

This system is great. I use the 4 hour trading time with a 15 minute entry variation and its good. Their method of support and resistance works great for other systems also.

Thanks for the feedback. How long do your trades typically stay open on a 4 hour chart? (hours/days/through the weekend?) and what pair have you been trading?


I trade mostly the USDHPY and GBPJPY. As far as the length, I exit positions when the price stalls on the 1 hour chart. Might re-enter after if the one hour engages the trend again. I rather keep the profits :slight_smile:

Wow do I feel like an idiot. I just started reading the threads over at VanessaFX site and I thought this was a new system that she came out with. It turns out it is the same one the is in the below thread already with the 4h & 30M setups. Sorry about the mixup. :frowning:

lol topgun

it is a great system, and well worth reading.

Is anyone still using this system? If so, how are you doing with it?


Hi Topgun,
Are you still using this system? if so, how is it performing?

Does the indicator send an email alert?


Can somebody pls. tell me what the [B]AWESOME OSCILLATOR [/B]is in the [B]VanessaFX[/B] pdf ?

Thanks - Stef.


I am testing the system on demo but I want to find our what is the purpose of the 20SMA and 50SMA on the daily chart