VertexFX Server Side EA - USD Hunter VTL

Hello Traders

We have developed another server side expert adviser for VertexFx system.

The main idea behind this expert is correlation between different currency pairs.
We are calculating USD correlation index by using exponential moving average of five currency pairs, they are Euro US Dollar, GBP US Dollar, Australian Dollar US Dollar, US Dollar Japan’s Yen and US Dollar Switch Frank.
When this index moves upward from negative to positive, we consider that US dollar is gaining strength and so we go long on USD based pairs.
On the other hand when the index moves downward from positive to negative, it indicates that US dollar is losing strength and so we go short on USD based pairs.
As we are using US dollar as primary currency to calculate the index, this expert can be used only on USD based pair.

To download the please script visit : USD Hunter

Naeem Hasan