Very Easy & Profitable Trading Strategy. IT WORKS!

Lol this is exactly why people dont help others. Because of people like you. This guy is sharing his strategy and what he has found is profitable FOR FREE. Instead of learning and questioning the strategy you’re focused on him being an affiliate. Even if there is an affiliate link, so what?! Are you so profitable and rich that you cant stand someone making something for a strategy he gave for free. You’re an absolute joke.

Let me know when you’re consistently profitable. The way you’re going, you never will be.


Thanks KenobiSon for helping me with this method of trading. I took profits as well on the GBPUSD trade. Do I leave the original stop loss in place or do I move them to break even on the 2 other positions?

Keep your original stop in place. Do not move it or lock in profits. Think of the 3 trade orders as one trade. By taking profit on order 1 you have already reduced your overall risk now on the trade.

Also the exit now on the trade will most likely be a zero line cross trend change for orders 1 & 2 further locking in gains OR order 2 taking profit also.

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I understand ,Thanks for the clarification on the stops.

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its abit presumptuous of you judging what my intentions are, or how successful at trading i am

Wait, that is exactly what you did.


Order 2 took profit (+3.62%), order 3 still open.

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Thanks KenobiSon, I had my 2nd Take Profit filled as well. Just banking pips and looking for the next trade

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I have been tracking this strategy on a demo since this thread began.


If you are not yet profitable, trade this. You will be.

Once you are profitable and learn how the markets work you could always then try to improve on this method or develop your own.

In the meantime devote yourself fully to trading this and having a return on your money.

Grow your account. Stop wasting time. Growing your account year over year compounds into something substantial and real wealth.

Personally I learn better visually with the help of text. That is exactly how I am going to share this with you.

This system that I am sharing with you includes exactly how the position sizing works, how the risk management works and how to manage your trades.

This is the real deal. It is up to you.


I appreciate your contribution to this forum. As for swing trading I know several traders who are trading in this way. It can be easily profitable strategy, but I find that there is a lot of work for relatively small number of green pips

I am missing something. Takes about 20 seconds a day to check if there are orders to place and a few minutes on the days there are signals to place the orders. A lot of work?

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On the video you said that this strategy works on all currency pairs and all time frames but on the forum you imply to stick just with the daily charts. I’m not sure which to follow. I tried following this strategy for 2 weeks but gave up on it because I would encounter this kind of weaving on all time frames stopping me out all the time and constantly having to close and reopen trades.

You can see from the photo you would have to make 16 attempts before you finally catch a trend in this example. I saw this kind of thing a lot when I was trading and finally gave up because I didn’t want to constantly close and reopen strategies. I also as an american cant use oanda so i have to do all the math by hand each time. I don’t mind crunching the numbers but not when it is so constant.

I just don’t know how to trade this kind of thing. Do you keep exiting and re-entering trades again and again until you get lucky? Maybe you can clarify this thanks.

I realized in the photo i used the true trend not the true trend btc, however when I was trading I only used the BTC. I just want to clarify this. I would get this same kind of pattern shown in the photo and I would have to constantly close and reopen trades. I didnt like it.

The daily is the easiest to follow and provides the clearest signals. If you are manually trading this strategy I recommend highly considering using the daily time frames. Reasons outlined in and earlier post on this thread.

I see you answered your own question - the photo is using the wrong version of the True Trend. Correct version is True Trend BTC using 333 period. Big difference. You are only going to get a few to several trades a year.

Oanda IS available to those in the USA.

It is extremely important when the market enters a period of back and forth across the zero line to stick with ALL signals otherwise you will most likely miss the move.

Also important to note that when you get mixed signals not all occurrences by any means will reach their full max stop loss. Exits will also be at the new zero line cross.

Are you sure this strategy works? What I mean is did you backtest it? You had said in the video in works on all time frames and all currency pairs. I don’t want to sound annoying but you know there are so many trading systems out there that don’t really work so I just wanted to know how you backtested it and what were the results.

As far as answering my own question, I did have the same problem when I was using the BTC. As you aid I have to reopen and close trades multiple times until I catch the trend. I’m just wondering, if I used your system on 15 random currency pairs, assuming I used proper money management, youre sure it would be a profitable year? I don’t mind putting in the work neccesary but I just want to be confident before I do it.

With Oanda, i tried opening an account and they said they don’t accept american customers. I tried to do this specifically so I could use the money management tool you showcased in the video but no dice.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, thank you for all the hard work you do. Your videos are top notch and I have learned a lot from you, I just seem to be struggling with this system.

Oanda is an American broker. Use this link, OANDA United States | Risk | Legal Document| Compliance | License | OANDA

Yes, this strategy works. Do not trade it on 15 pairs, trade it on 5 pairs. Do not trade random pairs, use the pairs I am using and recommend.

Spend a year trading it on demo if you need confidence - a year invested doing that (your time) would produce greater results than anything else you will find/do in the markets.

It is important to have trust in the strategy you are trading otherwise you will not follow the rules.

Yes, it works. Yes, it is profitable. Follow what I am doing.

You don’t develop confidence in a vacuum

You develop it by exposing yourself to things outside of your comfort zone

As you do that, you condition yourself to better tolerate stress

That’s how you build confidence

From @tferriss’ March “Tea Time w/ Tim”

@KenobiSon Could you give us an update on how the strategy is doing recently? loving this and your youtube vids :slight_smile:

I’m new to forex, I am currently on a 12weeks forex trading classes.
Hope to catch new friends here and learn more

Could you tell us how the strategy is doing now. Thinking about trying it out :slight_smile: cheers