Very Easy & Profitable Trading Strategy. IT WORKS!

Thanks so much I will dive into this later… I’m doing loads of research at the moment

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Absolutely crushing it. If you take a look at the latest signals (again I trade this on the daily) on the USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and GBP/JPY (those are also the 5 pairs I recommend) all of have been tremendous opportunities.


Hello. This is comparable to a MA cross or MACD-0 cross system.

Try running a MT4 backtest on this system and over a year you will be no gain no profit.

The problem with these systems is we dont know if the trend you are entering is going to go or not. The backtest will show whatever you made in one trend, is lost to trying enter in the next trend which wont take off.

Do you have a myfxbook link of the trades you are taking?

I agree. See my latest comment in this post.

This is comparable to a MA cross system. Enter long when they cross up and enter short when they cross down.

The problem is we dont know if they trend is going to continue.

Backtest it and you will discover you will make a huge trend move. Now you enter the opposite side on next MA cross. That trend doesnt go and you hit your SLs. Now you enter the next. That doesnt go either. Do this 4 times and now your previous gain is erased.

Try backtesting it - I did the MACD-0 cross sytem like this, and it gave me 50:50 loss and left me with 100 pips to keep over 2 years.

Thank you, really useful information

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Hope you are well - I’ve done quite a lot of trades using IG, but as I learn more about trading I’m looking into developing more specific trading strategies using Tradingview. Unfortunately, it seems like for the users in Europe (I’m UK based), we can’t actually place trades using Tradingview charts due to European regulations, which is quite annoying. As such, I wanted to understand whether you came across any solution to this issue (e.g. alternative brokers)? Sorry if this has been answered at some point here. Cheers, Lucas

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Does anyone can help on the above please? @KenobiSon


I’ll give this a watch and back test it. Thanks for sharing.

yeah, thanks for sharing!

Thank you, really useful information ! This is just what I was looking for ! I really want to get started in trading, but I didn’t know which strategy to choose. Now you have convinced me that your strategy is really effective, and I am definitely going to use it. Fortunately, I have already found a good online trading platform - it’s It provides trading on a wide array of different assets, and that’s why I have chosen it. I have a lot of friends that are experienced traders, and all of them told me that it’s a really good and reliable platform. Now, when I have a good strategy, platform, and enough money, it’s time to multiply them, I guess! Thank you so much for sharing!