Very good EA, how to sell this robot?


I would like to propose this robot for sale or for rent, but I do not know to preserve the code and the property, even if the EA has been copyrighted.


If you are really stuck at the start, you may find this article of use.

Thanks a lot! helpful. Maybe somebody knows how to technically give the signals orders (buy/sell) to the client?

In the MT4-MT5 tester, a lot of the robot looks good, but unfortunately the reality is different. Add your results in FX Merge, mark them public and post your link here, thanks.

backtesting is more often than not misleading.

Hi @tradecode,
I have undertaken a task of testing FT5 back testing package elsewhere on this forum. I am at the stage of wanting to make the back tests as real world as possible. Though I have a background in planning and testing IT infrastructure including apps, I do not have experience using Forex backtesting apps.

I have acknowledged the need to include the spread and cost of rollover in the settings parameters, but do you know of other reasons the back tests will be misleading? It is important to me that I replicate real world as much as possible. I do have trading experience since 2010-2011 and again 2014 - 2015 - fewer than 1,000 trades but I consider that to be sufficient to understand the basics of trading. I would be grateful if you could offer any experience you may have to make the back tests more meaningful for the Babypips members.

well you placed spread as 2 which actual mean is 0.2 which almost no broker gives If you really want to test your EA then kindly change spread from 2 to 20( 2 pips) then see the sudden change in result. Reason why most of backtests fail is because majority of people forgets to place correct spread

So how long have you’ve tested this EA for? Furthermore, how long have you’ve used it for your own profiting? If you feel comfortable selling it, these questions must be the core.

I have an EA that is my money maker, and I can’t come to terms with selling it though, so it makes me wonder when someone proposes to sell their personal EA.

if you want to protect your code you could put the technical stuff into a DLL and simply make it extremely difficult to disassemble.