VERY hard to trust

I just got this adress in this forum:

They claim be very successfull in forex trading but the web site is VERY cheap.

They claim be some kind of a god of forex. They say you can get over 350 pips/month with them for… 250$…

The last entry date from december 2008…

Are they all too busy making money and enjoy life to take care of their web site or is it just a big fraud, again…?

I know… I know, it make no sence, but, I jut want to be sure.

We never know…

Thank you.

Melisky, I won’t beat around the bush. You trounced your account in the worst possible way (complete overleverage) and now you’re looking at a quick get rich scheme to recoup your losses?

Seriously, stop.

If you want to gamble, go to a casino.

If you want to trade, get learning, and don’t think it will be easy. It’s a business, it’s a profession and you’re up against the best traders in the world. And if some website reckon’s found the holy grail, they won’t be selling it for a few quid on the side will they? THINK!

Well, in the same way, who are you to tell people you don’t know anything about, what to do? Obviously what you said would make anyone feel guilty of the choices they made, whatever those choices were. Just because you know more of something, than somebody else doesn’t mean it makes you look smart or helpful to others. Who are you really, you are not a teacher and you have no interest in the success of other people. You do have an interest in reinforcing your own shakey beliefs of being more experienced… by picking on people who have less experience with forex than you!

Melisky is just starting out, maybe he (or she) is older than you, has more experience with life than you do. Maybe just not in forex. This is making other people think you sound ignorant and rude. But I would bet (in forex) that when you were in high-school, you complained about rude teachers. That also makes one a hypocrite.

Melisky, if someone offers you something that sounds simple, make a rule to never accept that offer. If you were the owner of a business and you wanted as many people to sign up and make you money, would you not make it seem easy and simple for them? This is exactly what the people who are running that site doing. One of the greatest lessons we can learn is to never trust that which we have no evidence of. If you sign up at that website, they will not deliver what they promise, and they usually have these contracts you have to accept, that not many people usually read. They have to provide those contracts by law, and they usually say something like or similar to “not everyone will have the same rate of success with our system, and the system does not guarantee success for everyone”. I would stay away. Instead I would pick up a book about forex basics. If you are interested in learning more about what the right book is to start with, perhaps you can PM me.

… by picking on people who have less experience with forex than you!

i truly don’t think trihop is picking on anybody when i read his thread i sense real concern. i think his concern was based on an earlier thread posted by melisky, thats all.

I think anything with the name “Ring Leader” already sounds shady… just my two pips…

Trust your gut. Mine says too good to be true.

You’re right, you’re all right…

I’m going to learn it by myself.

I’d readed some story about some people who lose big too, just like me…

Some of them became successful today.

I will radicaly change the way I trade.

And YES, I’m back to demo!

And I’m going to come back on my live account only the day I can make 5 times more that the starting amount.

Now, let me ask you what you think about this method? :

Thanks again for your support and advises! I REALLY appreciate it!

melisky you should read that book i posted in your other thread. I promise you will gleam some realy great jems from it. In that book it talks about traders who basically margin cal themselves and they think it is there analysis or they took signals and they blame the signals, ands what they do is they go onto the next thing and they try the next system or the next great signal but in the end if you don’t change your way of trading you will end in failure. I know you don’t want to hear that but it is true. One of the most overlooked and thee most important part of trading is definatly psychology. Until you can accept some realitys about the markets you trade in and the realitys about yourself and your perspective you will not succeed.

I seriously encourage you to read that book and take heart to what Mark Douglas is saying. I gurantee you this book will change you forever as a trader and definatly for the better.

Hi johnnykanoo, I will definitely read Trading-in-the-Zone.

In fact, I read all I can to get back on my feet.

Thank you very much for the .pdf!

Thanks Johnny, spot on.

Greg, I’m sure your broadside was well intentioned, but it misses the mark.

Melisky, yeah I was mostly responding to the other thread, and thinking you were about to do all this over again. Without going into details on a public forum, I’ve seen someone go down this road and it’s not pretty, and it wasn’t trading advice they needed either.

There’s a murky side to retail FX; some brokers deliberately target high-rolling gamblers (those extreme leveraging rates are not present in ECNs - you can guess why), and one I know even has a special name for them. It’s not complimentary. You may even get people approaching you - you’re worth a lot of money to a broker.

And as for sites like the one you posted; they’re looking to fleece as many people as possible before vanishing into the night. Guaranteed.

Anyway, Mark Douglas is still in copyright and he gets quite the shirt on if you post that PDF anywhere, you may want to take it down :wink:

lets see — $250/mnth to make 350 pips — with a mini account, you would only have to make 100 pips a month to be even, yes/no ?

so go make 150 pips and sell YOUR services to THEM !