Very simple system without any technical signal

hi guys,

i’ll show you the features of my system:

  • the gold rule is “let run the profits, stop the losses” (very smart, don’t you? :))
  • you can work both daily or monthly, and with all the pair with a normal level of volatility (i choose eur/usd becouse of the lowest spread)
  • the starting choice (buy or sell) it’s up to you: I like to start going long
  • you apply a stop loss of 10 pips
  • for the profit, you’ll wait a minimum profit of 50 pips, then you’ll apply a trailing stop of 10 pips so that your profit will be at least 40 pips but it could be very high if the trend go ahead
  • when stop loss or trailing stop occur, you just change the direction of bet: from long to short and vice-versa
  • with the monthly strategy, you just multiply sl and profit targets by 10: stop loss became 100 pips, profit target 500 pips, trailing stop (above the thereshold of 500 pips of profit) 100 pips

this kind of strategy returns a lot of losses but the final results are very consistent: my back test give me all the times good results, but i tested manually so that my analysis are not so reliable!

for that reason i’m asking your help: I know many of you can set an automatic back test and could verify if the system is really profitable or not.

many thanks in advance
let me know if there are doubts about the system


Hi Dreamer.

Dp you simply flip a coin for the initial direction, or do you use some criteria for entry? What time frame do you use to follow the progress?

Thanks! :59:

no criteria to enter: I’m very very skeptical with all the methods to predict the market way, so I flip a coin!

time frame is not so important for the system becouse the bets are sequential: when sl or ts occur, you open a position in the opposite direction.

for my back test I used 10min time frame but it’s only becouse the movements are enough small to show the correct system development.

let me know if it’s clear

So what are the results of your backtest…

are you serious?
have you traded any method before?