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Hi! I tried the vfxAlert application on the free account and I appreciated it very much. The app works with any broker, there is a huge number of trading assets, also the design is very beautiful. I would like to open a Pro account, but I want to know more about this application. Did anybody ever try to trade with vfxAlert? Could you share your experience?

is this an app?

I don’t really trust forex signals because of the forex scams that have taken place in the past. Though I have never been scammed by a forex signal provider before, I have read a few stories where people using forex signals got scammed. I really think that you must reconsider before you plan to use signals.

It gives wrong results on a paid subscription

Hello. The fact is that many people rely on signals and believe that they will 100% help to make a profit. But a lot depends on the experience of the trader himself. Therefore, signals can help confirm your own trading strategy.

I bought a subscription for a year and I have 70-80% of successful signals

Hi, guys! Now, let me share my experience testing out auto binary signals software. I decided to give vfxAlert binary options signals a try because of its features and positive reviews from other traders.

I used a trading strategy on Binomo with vfxAlert options trading signals. You can backtest trading strategy on any broker’s platform or choose one of the best here.

The trading strategy utilizes two SMA and EMA. SMA 85 and EMA 75 determine the trend direction, SMA 5 acts as the initial signal for opening an option.

MACD serves as both a trend-following and oscillating tool, and it will act as the final confirmation signal for option entry. I used MACD settings 12, 26, 9.

After setting up the indicators and receiving a signal from vfxAlert, I analyze the dashboard to confirm it with the trend on the chart. If the trading signal matches, I open options in this direction.

I won’t go into all the nitty-gritty details of how to use the signals, you can find all the info you need on their website.

Here’s my free advice for you if you’re on the hunt for a trading strategy. Check out their youtube channel, they’ve got the biggest collection of trading strategies on YouTube @Binary_Strategies.

So during my test, I found that the binary options signals from vfxAlert are accurate and reliable. They often conform with my own market analysis. And so I think that these signals have good potential to improve my trading. Also, this option trading signals looked great for me, and here’s why:

  • Signals are generated 24/7, so I can trade whenever it suits me.
  • vfxAlert works with any broker and it doesn’t require special complex settings.
  • Dashboards give me an overview of the market situation in a convenient format. It makes analysis fast.
  • With the vfxAlert binary options trading bot, I can test different strategies without any personal involvement.

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As you can see, my testing of vfxAlert binary options signals has been positive. vfxAlert is a useful resource for traders who want to improve their trading strategies with reliable signals and real-time market analysis.

So, what signals do you guys use? Share your experience!

HI @Mark_2020_131313 , I have been testing VFXAlert auto trade, but I have no luck. What settings are you using? I’ll attach a screenshot.