Video Based Forex Courses

Has anyone had any experience using any online video courses / tutorials that they can recommend. I have done some from Udemy and Youtube but there are so many to choose from its a minefield. I am doing the Babypips course aswell but I learn alot better with someone talking to me as it sinks in better. It never seems to stick with me when reading books.

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Please excuse a realistic and honest answer which you won’t enjoy reading, and will hope is mistaken. :unamused:

You’re far from alone, there. Unfortunately, though, that’s a real handicap when it comes to learning trading.

For historical and commercial reasons, the way the entire trading-education industry is set up (and it really is an industry, because it’s far easier to earn money by teaching than by trading!) makes long-established, formal textbooks, collectively, overwhelmingly better, more reliable, more helpful and even more honest than video courses are.

Al Brooks’ video course is one striking exception to this, but you’re nowhere near ready for it, yet.

Experienced traders can readily identify, in forums, the people who have learned from Youtube and Udemy. These people, collectively, don’t achieve much success.

Sorry it’s not what you want to hear!

I’m saying it because nobody else will, and it’s important.

That’s just because you’re asking in a beginners’ forum where very, very, very few people are successful traders. If you ask “people making a living” rather than “Babypips members”, you’ll get an answer much more like the one above. Sorry, but it is what it is!!!

Thankyou for your reply and I do appreciate your honesty and comprehensive reply. I have a business with 8 staff which is massively tieing and location restricted. I shall be selling this over the next couple of years but I will need and income but I dont want to do anything where I cant do it from a laptop anywhere in the world. I ended up here through the crypto route from a few years ago, then crypto to a bit of shares and over my short time in the field I have got more and more interested within charts.

I am reading babypips in the day time in between work and about 2 hrs of videos a night, so its probably knowhere near the amount of time I need to be studying but once I have sold my business I will have alot more free time to learn.

But that aside, this is what I want to do with my future of the next few years so I guess I need to learn to read and absorb the information I read lol.

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I guess so, yes. :slight_smile:

I’m concerned that watching videos for 2 hours per night isn’t a good use of your time.

That said, if you want a recommendation (other than the one above), I believe that watching “The Transparent Trader” (Jarrod Someone???) on Youtube won’t do you any harm, and he’s certainly far better than most. :wink:

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I watch crypto videos at 5am for about an hr before our staff turn up then when they all leave at 4pm I watch Forex videos for a couple of hrs. How could I better use my time ( apart from learning to read of course )?

I he a bald bloke ? The is also The Transparent FX Academy

He’s by no means hirsute, for sure. Jarrod Goodwin.

Yes, between July 2020 and October 2021 I allocated approximately 9 hours per week in a large undertaking to write a 95 page personal strategy and plan(s) for Forex, commodity, precious metal and crypto trading. I completed that document and I now often refer back to it, remembering that it was probably one of the most detailed and complete document I ever wrote (outside of my main career of being a technical project manager).

Of that total time I measured a total of 80 hours watching, summarising and adding to my Forex trading plan a total of 170 videos or blog posts that are referred to as NNFX (no nonsense Forex). I watched them in the chronological order in which they were produced, which was not necessarily the order in which they should be watched, but I did enjoy the journey, and that Terms of Reference document that I created as a 95 page volume is what finally led me to be profitable as a trader in 2023 / 2024.

Here is the link to his podcast number 0 in which he introduces himself and the objectives of his podcasts. He could annoy some people, but I found his delivery interesting. That is just me. I also think he sounds so much like Brian on Family Guy, so I always had a light hearted experience when listening to his presentations. Worth a look - you should be able to find his Youtube channel, and think about watching / listening in the numbered order 0 to 170.

Best of luck with trading.

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I saw many videos on Youtube but the fact is that the ways and strategies they mostly share are not as effective as needed. Indeed, no one wants to share their secret strategy.

Forex trading is something else… I am experienced in stock trading, and thought I was equipped for forex as well. It is a totally different ballpark… I watched hundreds of videos on YouTube. And I read books. The YouTubers can teach you how to read candle sticks, price action, their opinions on support and resistance. Their strategies rarely work, as they are based on their perception of the price action. Books, as @S_Jane_M mentioned, is a better alternative to learn. At the end of the day, watching charts over time, keeping a key eye on economic data releases (which are what moves price), and managing risks, those are crucial. I was all over the place in the beginning, but have now selected a few pairs I focus on. I mainly trade the majors, occasionally trade exotics if there is a reason. This has to do with spread, volume and attention. Like a famous day trader said; 1. Trade the market you are in, not the one you wish you were in, and 2. Trade what everyone else is trading (the Majors), that is where the volume and volatility is. Learn the basics (books, FX is way different from other assets), and learn how your selected pairs is moving. Good luck!

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