Video editing software?

I made a video for a thread on pretty much my trading week so its not very long lol. Anyway I am trying to cover up my account# since it was on a live account. I mean I trust babypips just not everyone on it. I can figure out how to do it. Everything I got I can edit length and sound (witch audio is crappy at best) but not a editing the video itself. Even just a line to cross it out would be fine. I use windows 7 Ultimate it that is needed. I know people have posted videos before weather trading related or what ever so I dont think it is to hard.


What type of file is it i.e. what format???

I’ve got loads of video editing software (even ‘pro’ stuff i.e. it used to be a VERY EXPENSIVE hobby of mine)!!! LOL!!! Put another way: I spent YEARS getting to ‘Broadcast Quality’ and wouldn’t ‘let up’ until I did (in those days there was NOBODY around here to help or knew what they were talking so I had to battle it out myself until I got it right). EVEN had a small insert of mine televised (ALMOST as exciting as Tuesday’s events this week i.e. SA FSB)!!! LOL!!! And all of a sudden I lost interest!!! Strangest thing. Oh yeh: then I started trading so some very expensive cameras got sold or, rather, the proceeds thereof ended up in my ‘bottomless pit’ of a trading account at my first lowlife ‘bucketshop’ broker (don’t’ have the energy this morning to ‘rant’ for reasons which I’m sure you can imagine)!!! LOL!!!

Lemme know. I’m sure I can help on this one.



Hi Bob, I can only say Camtasia is the best one! Try it!

Has anyone here tried an online video editing software?

I think local software would do you better, unless you’re doing basic editing. Some editing features can get very resource intensive, requiring more processing power and memory, something cloud vendors might not offer.

And you’re at the mercy of your Internet connection. Imagine losing connection during edits or uploads!

I’ve only used online picture editing software. To make the occasional meme or gif. Never video editing software.

There are quite a few like the free openshot (for basic editing) to the paid heavy weights like Adobe Premiere Pro. You can also try freemium software like Da Vinci Resolve.

A possible open source solution is Blender. FX and post processing is not as intuitive as the paid services I believe. The video editing bit I feel is a bit of an added feature to it’s primary function, which is 3D rendering.

Yeah, I use them most of the time. the fact that it is online makes the production of a video much easier, because it doesn’t require much RAM memory and GPU performance. All the work is being made by the server of the editing tool. The one I use most of the time is called Fastreel.