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Good evening all,

I’m The.TradingBMS, a scientist with passion for trading.

In the last 5-6months I’ve gone through reading (even multiple time for a better understanding) so many books of trading, plus online courses and now, finally, I opened a demo account which replicates the starting set up (money wise) of how I’ll start my live account one day (:crossed_fingers:t5:)

I’m a swing trader, learning to be, and will be applying all what learnt reading and etc in the demo account

I would like to ask if anyone knows about podcasts, seminars, YouTube channels or similar things to follow and watch live trading, different points of view and keep up to date. From reliable and expert traders.

It will be much appreciated. I am really looking forward to improve my skills and make this a side hustle and who knows, a living one day.

Thank you all and happy trading


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Helloooo! :blush: Having a scientist here sounds so cool. :smiley: Welcome! I think it’s great that you’re taking your time with your demo account before you open your live account. Definitely no need to rush. :blush: As for the YT channels, this thread has a few channel recommendations you might wanna check out. :smiley:

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Thank you very much. Will definitely help me to be updated and learn more and more!!

Swing trader is slow pace sometimes. I trade on the daily chart, but do analysis on weekly and daily chart. I’m definitely taking my time to become profitable.
The dream is to go part time or quit my job and make trading for living


I am also a swing trader and very nice to meet a swing trading friend.
I think learning forex in is a very good start.
Are you doing live trading?

Nice to meet a fellow swing trader!
I’m going through the pipsology as well, although I’ve gone through most of the concepts in previous books. There’s always something new to learn.

I’m on a small demo account, started with $500, because that’s the budget I want to start my live. I don’t do many trades, but the few I do are thoroughly studied before entry (at least I try my best). I’m giving myself 6months, I do have a trading plan with monthly and 6month target.

What about you? are you live already? how is it going? how long have you been swing trading?

I have been doing live trading for 5 years.
And it took 1 year to be a consistently profitable trader.
At first I started as a day trader and as time goes by I got to know that swing trading is more comfortable and profitable for me.
So I made a swing trading strategy and sticked to it for 4 years.
It goes well.

Pleased to have you. Basically I am yet a swing trader because I trade scalping or try to trade for the day. But off late, I have been thinking to shift to swing trading but need to learn expertise. Hopefully I will be benefited.

I reckon you have to analyze charts on H4 timeframe and higher to be able to trade long-term. and be able to do so consistently for months and even years.
At least all the swing traders I know had a similar way to it.
Knowing the way and be able to walk it through are two different tasks that require effort.

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